Coastcrete can supply Tippers for many services to complete your project.

If you require a tipper truck for a few hours or even days, it may not be economical to purchase one. Therefore, hiring a tipper truck will be beneficial. Tippers are available in all sizes, and you can hire one based upon your needs. In the case of the smaller tipper vehicles, these are manufactured from chassis cab vans. Most often, the back of the cab has a flat bed at the back, and at the cab end is a hydraulic lifting system. This hydraulic lifting system helps in cases where the flat bed needs to be lifted, and the load needs to be tipped out of it. The smaller tippers are less expensive that their bigger counterparts, which are manufactured on the chassis of a lorry. The larger tippers are used for commercial purposes for the transportation of heavy materials. They generally require a special government license to function, whereas the smaller tippers require a normal license and this is one of the reasons for variations in costs of tipper hire.