Coastcrete and work with the client to complete your pool surround using many different finishes and styles whilst making sure pool safety is the number one priority.

When decking is being considered, the type of decking should be taken into account because of the cost involved. When decking is being used around a swimming pool where people will be walking with bare feet decking that can splinter must not be used. This more or less rules out cheap softwood decking and the more expensive exotic hardwoods have to be used in most circumstances. So do not make the choice between paving and decking until you have confirmed the cost and availability of appropriate decking material.

Decking should be supported by the same type of reinforced concrete slabs that are recommended in Part 1 of this article. Many so-called experts will recommend that decking can be installed on lots of small pad footings and softwood timber framing. Well it can be – but it is very likely to be more costly and the likelihood of settlement is high. There is just no point in buying very costly decking and then supporting it in a way that will allow it to settle.